Civil War

For information and additional pictures, click on the items below. We also supply a wide variety of period correct fabrics (such as wool, cotton, linen, etc.) so you can make your own clothing. We have additional Civil War items available (such as cartridge boxes, belts, and buckles). If you don’t see something you want, call or write and we’ll try to find it!

Jean Cloth Pants
Wool Pants
Shell Jacket
Sack Coat
Cotton Shirt
Great Coat
Brogans and Half-Boots
$79.95 to $109.95
Period Blankets
$35.00 to $45.00
Officers Silk Sashes
Civil War Kepi
Fur Felt Hat
$89.95 and up
Pommel Holsters
$59.00 to $119.00
Stainless Steel Canteen
Haversacks and Gaitors
$24.95 to $29.95
Knives and Forks
$9.95 to $19.95
Leather Gauntlet Gloves