For information and additional pictures, click on the items below. We also supply a wide variety of period correct fabrics (such as wool, cotton, linen, etc.) so you can make your own clothing. If you don’t see something you want, call or write and we’ll try to find it!

Button Placket Cotton Shirt

Ladies Brocade Corset

Vaquero Pants

Lace Up Front Shirt

Vest: Civil War, SASS, Cowboy

Men's Pants

Taos Trader Pants

Old 73's Men's Pants
check back soon

Bib Front Cowboy Shirt

Ladies Taos Pants

Ladies Wool Cape w/ Hood
$75.00 to $95.00

Cotton Knee Pants

Tie-Back Long Pants

Longhunter Shirts
$39.00 to $69.00

Frock Coats

Ruffled Front Shirt

$14.00 to $29.00

Long Johns "Union Suit"

Over-the-knee Socks
$5.00 to $10.00 per pair